2006 in retrospect..

So… what has this year wrought upon the Cuddly Household…. 2006 has been full of slightly more downs than ups, January brought quite a sick Cuddly house for some time. Things plodded along ok I guess, then the nasty nasty haze returned, the boys got sick again. Grandpa’s condition (which thankfully is now dealt with), the usual debts and gilaness.. Having to say no to the chance of going to chicago con next year for don (why is preschool so exp, not like the kids are going to private/international school either?!!? ), some health probs for Lia BUT…

Saying all this, there were significant positives!

The birth of a new cousin (baby Kayley), my sister’s marriage and new home, the first Malaysian Comic Convention, the first Malaysian 24 hour comic, D’s increasing freelance art gigs, R n Y’s wedding, the new interest in photography, improving my cooking/baking, finally weaning k,  were just some of the things that pepped up the year.  2006 is ending on a MUCH more positive note this time around and we actually look forward to what 2007 will bring. I actually have (as don does too) a very positive (I can’t seem to use this word often enough) “vibe” for next year, and I haven’t felt that for some time! (despite the optimist that I am LOL)

What about 2007?

For me personally, I’d love to do my best to get more freelance gigs or even get stuff out there published and earn some $$ at it.  Helping others (and myself) market their own talents and skills in my own small shameless opportunist way. Learn to deal with pastry and make a variety more dishes and baked goods!

For Don, building up his art/photography sidelines and seeing what the future holds for him. I think he has such amazing talent and he really does deserve the chance to make something of his art especially. Building up his portfolio and getting him OUT there would be really good. 2007 would be one year to begin such feats.

For the kids, well, nothing quite so epic as such LOL the Js have to register for primary school ( i know! I cant believe it either!!!) and k will be starting preschool later on in the year (Gasp!). There’s potty training, training him to sleep on his own, all the other fun learning stuff! Right now he tries more and more to talk clearly (and more words are all tumbling out that we can recognise) and in the lift today at MK he tried to count from 4 to 10. and then mumbled the rest haha. If he counts backwards its 3, 2, 1 and blast off! (too much TV?).. The Js are coming along SOO quickly in their reading and understanding of the world around them, the tasks and games they can do now, their writing and drawing… it’s amazing to see how much their confidence has grown and how much more they can do (despite the occ mishap and mischief) now. We are very proud of our three nutter kids who are loving, giving, generally polite and well behaved and smart! Can’t wait to see how they progress in 2007!

We are also hoping as a family to do more exercise together as health isssues need to be addressed, as well as more FAMILY activities and drop less of the overly emotionally heavy situations that we are wont to get involved in via other parties….ooo doesn’t that sound so soap opera!
Anyways, enough of these meaningful meanderings…

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone and we sincerely wish y’all the very best for 2007!

The Cuddly Family


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