Don and 24 hour comics…

D took part in the 1st Malaysian 24 hour comics (where they have to produce a full 24 page comic in 24 hours, yes, no sleep! 24 hours straight). He won 2nd prize!!!!! YAY!!!!

First place went to Alan Quah (amazing artist!) and 3rd to Sarah Joan (yet another amazing artist) so well chuffed all around.. tiring w.end for everyone, I went to the venue like 3 days straight lol with the monkeys! but was a worthwhile experience I reckon.. It was even reported in Newsrama!! (that’s the “It” place for global comic news).

 24 hours comic report

The Organisers Cedko did an awesome job! woohoo!! Kudos to all those involved as well, I think pretty much everyone finished the 24hours comics (just under 20 in total). YAY!

anyway, great job all! Looking fwd to seeing what 2007 brings for our Malaysian comics scene!


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