K’s new stages..among other babblings..

he can now say “kay” (okay) when u ask him a question.. or “yes” (he has yet to learn the word ‘no’ which doesnt bode well for his discipline LOL). When he’s done eating or drinking, he’ll bring his plate/bowl/cup/sippy bottle to you and say “ished!” (or finished).. He tries to clean up too, or hands me the laundry (nemind it’s not dry, just wants to give me).. aww he’s a very helpful little lad when he wants to be LOL If k is hungry, he will ask for “mum-mum” (or feed/eating), he cant quite say “chiak” (eat) although he tries. If he’s thirsty, he’ll ask for “dink” (drink).. so I guess the both of us are learning to anticipate what he’s saying, most of it is still kiddie babble but it’s like hes talking in sentences. He’s very communicative though.. Very affectionate too, loves to give hugs (and wrestle u to the ground sometimes lol) and slobber kisses on u.. its such fun! he must have umpteen hugs before he goes to sleep.. funny fella.. speaking of sleeping, they ar egetting used to being in the same room together, which is good. K still hasnt learnt to fall asleep on own so Im still there for now (he’s settling in better so mebbe after penang, we can get to training for that).. He does tell me when he’s done a poo, so maybe in the new year, another milestone to tackle huh? Trying to talk abt it, he sees his brothers go too (esp when we are out) so u never know 😀

We dont know if he’s a sleepwalker cos we’ve caught him going to either brother’s bed, eyes completely closed and fast asleep, sometimes he doesnt even make it half way and lies there bent over sleeping… Odd… hope he isnt a sleepwalker! The top stair gate is always fastened now at night (not that he can open door handles, despite his constant trying).. wonder how he willbe inpenang..

the Js have had such a busy social life lagi.. mummy tired lol They have a better social life than us!!! Good alsolah, esp during the school hols.. Cant wait to go to penang, gotta finally kick off this blasted blocked nose! UGH..  Nemind Can! Must have positive thinking!!!

the Xmas tree is out.. dug out the decorations, will have some more to get  tomorrow, most like window decoration, xmas napkins etc, must force myself NOT to go near living quarters. I soooo love their xmas stuff.. no.. no..no..must not.. go…. We are in 1U all day I should imagine with the powercut and all. hope the elec isnt off ALL day.. but just in case… Meeting Su also I think.. and offloading em at kidsports.. The kids want to help me decorate but not till daddy does the lights (that’s the MANLY job at xmas time hehe).. we did a bit today, put up their stockings etc.. WOOHOO 🙂 cant wait!!!!!!

time to plan, bake and plot after penang!!


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