What a day :)

my helper wasnt available today so the Js and I had to get things together for the MGT (mini get together) for da mums and kids! They cleared and moved things and wiped da tables while I hoovered with k following me closely LOL got everything ready and it was great fun, mannnn was it noisy and full of kids!!!! hehehee despite the rain and an escapee little cutie of a dog (which Min and I returned to the owners in the pouring rain lol), it was a successful visit I believe. Pictures here. Didnt take many cos I almost forgot (too busy eating and yabbering and trying to stop k from running outside each time the door opened!! The food was FAB 🙂 Thanks ladies (and kids) for a great time!!! Hope u had as good a time as we did. The Js crashed out very early (last visitor left around 530pm or so) and k just babbled till he crashed out. Looks like he’s not really napping anymore either.. sigh.. LOL he really does think he’s threeeeee..

more on this later!

It’s wonderful having this support group and mums from all backgrounds and family sizes.. the kids socialise so well and the mums too!!! (my waistline may be affected though lol they r such good cooks/bakers!)

Here’s to a great support group and a wonderful bunch of ladies!!!!


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