School holiday blues..

yes… its barely day 3 of the long school hols and we are already restless….. I say “we” but I mean the little Cuddlies.. Some moments of distraction with bike riding and ball playing out front in the am.. and pancakes for lunch (oh wait a mess lol)… but its the “I would like to do this Mummy” while the other says “No, I would like to do that instead”… but suggest they do things seperately.. nooooooooooooooooo… kenot! and the gentle giant of K will bulldoze thru anything… Maybe some time in bubblebath will soothe for a min and collapse upstairs fora while.. while they in bath, I hv to fold and put away laundry… When someone says to me, “how do u find things to do to occupy ur time since u r a homemaker and stay at home mum….”, I wanna SLAP THEM.. hehehe

They enjoyed themselves so much yday (k the speed demon wore me out! and others too!), they wanna do it again but the next MGT is only next week.. at ours so that I dont have to keep chasing K! Cant take them to see daddy at work for lunchtime cos he’s so busy with testing for next two weeks, we barely see him at home… nemind, cant wait till penang, then they’d be happy in a different environment etc..

I know there are other mums (/parents)  also tearing their hair out trying to occupy their munchkins for the long holidays.. I sooooo empathise with you 🙂

ok, back to the School Hols blues…


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