Our little baby is growing up :)

K was finally weaned this week, (he had taken to biting each feed, which is unusual really) so we went for the cold turkey wean (ouch, my poor boobs!), he was fine, only time he try to ask for it is when he wanted comforting or his nap time (he’s funnier abt it than at night, which is opposite) but he’s quite happy and cheery so we are cool so far 🙂 I’ll miss the convenience I can tell you that! I’ve had to express (not fully empty) to relieve the pressure etc cos Im producing more milk that I thought LOL  but hopefully that will settle down soon..

He’s now moved to an under bed or a trundle bed and I have my three sons in a room together now.. such excitement at first LOL LOL but its lovely to see the three of them fast asleep in their beds.. K thinks he’s three LOL and tries to behave like it! He wants to feed himself (and his surroundings lol), chats away and just follows his brothers around.. He’s 19months next week.. wow! where has the time flown? J2 asked me today when is k 2? I said in 5 more months (then I thought waah yeah hor!?). He said YAY then k can go to school with me! So I also said YAY! hehehe

Fortunately he’s a loving, cuddly, independent little lad (stubborn and persistent too lol), he loves to give kisses and cuddles to his family, “yang yang!” or sayang and then he gives u a BIG BEAR hug around your legif u cant reach down to him, or he half squeezes his brothers LOL .. It is such joy (even if u do have a headache or something lol) to hear their laughter and giggles as they play with each other, this little boy determinedly running after his older brothers who tickle him as they dash by.. or when they collapse into giggles on the floor or bean bag/sofa in a big pile…

We are truly blessed with our children…


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