The daily news..

So what is with the world today, back here in our little big kampung? Reading the papers makes you increasingly concerned about the state of affairs today. Mr. T of selangor making all manner of excuses for the fact that his cronies BROKE THE LAW.. Abang Z can senyum-senyum lagi.. Minor slap on wrists for all the naughty fellas huh? but if it was an ordinary joe, habis, kena!!! Sigh why are the racial/religious cards being waved about so often these days? Even Madam R (she of the crying and hugging drama a few years ago) is now turning on our former PM (hurmph)… A pack of baying dogs really… we shall see what the UMNO general assembly shall be like huh? Can get depressing reading the newspapers LOL (if you let it)

will rant more later, gotta do chores 🙂


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