The cost of living..

For those of us who dont work for the Klang Municipal council, the daily cost of living has got increasingly tough. Not only have our water tariffs been raised (for the lovely chocolate water we receive, or was it teh tarik colour?) but just been informed that school fees also going up a lot (or it feels like a lot).. so if I have three preschool going kids (at 5 days a week), it would cost RM1K- RM1.2k (not including all the material fees insurance and other “hidden” fees, school concert/pix/trips etc) each month. It’s insane! K wont go 5 days a week for a while but even at a lower price, habis wei. Admittedly it is a good school and the teachers are good, kids are happy, which is the main thing and they arent PUSHED into being some super academic kid but it’s getting harder and harder to make ends meet. And if there are petrol/BLR/food increases next year, dielah.. u know with water tariffs, things will go up too subsequently. Nasib baik I still shop at the market (although your money doesnt go as far now) and get stuff at the baking shop to make your own stuff. That does save a lot, eat less outside, cook at home more etc, think of ways to save elec and water etc. sigh..

apparently they expect the “haze season” (yes, now we have SEASONS with haze) to last (maybe next year) mid year till the following feb! Geeez, and possibly the 1997 levels lagi. Good grief! can u imagine?!?! Apparently a “super el nino” is coming, ext dry spell possibly, so macam tu lah.. So what will our govt say.. hiayaa we are better than Ghana.. or something.. Why does ASEAN tolerate this? For all the money they want to spend on that blooming sports complex in effing London of all places, they can do something about the air that we breathe no? No sports activities possible when everyone’s choking to death or stuck indoors all the time… Should take a PROACTIVE stance not a REACTIVE stance… or maybe they are more interested in building illegal satay restr. or massive mansions for their mega number of anak-cucu sekalian… mr. Close one eye still there, not a reprimand in sight. No wonder these guys can all do well for themselves shall we say…

Or we could blame the architects or something…. cos well its the “blame the architect” season now u know 🙂 Break the law.. Architect’s fault! Everyone doing it what, nemind! I was doing it FOR The people u know, blah blah blah blah blah.. I dont really care about the debate btwn No1 and previous No:1, its how everyone else talks.. like just cos one retired, must act dumb is it? and in order to have honest debate, one must leave a political party???? If an ex PM cant even voice opinions, howlah the rest of us? but I guess there are different rules for all.. I also kesian the poor American couple (who have been married 40odd years or something) who kena khalwat raid.. I mean herrooo?! u think everyone is going to carry around their marriage cert?! and already they are seniors mah, biar saja.. Malu saja..

So what alternatives for a sahm (stay at home mum) have? MLM stuff (ugh)? Running own biz? (what options are there?!) Freelance writing again? (seems to be a great number of freelance writers now LOL) I dont want to go back to full time work, whats the point when you are spending more to keep kids in daycare than you are keeping aside? and I want to be there for my kids.. (please DONT email me on any schemes etc ah?).

ok Im annnoyed, cranky and frustrated I guess.. any good news left in this country?


One thought on “The cost of living..

  1. Err… Food is cheap and good in Malaysia! No, forget that. Not really true anymore.

    Oh, recent survey said that Malaysia still the cheapest place in the world! Yeah, right!

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