Is life with young kids ever free of incidents?

No.. definitely not…For example:

J1 has a tendency to leave the kiddie gate open (despite repeated reminders!), k sneaked in while my back was turned and went to the water dispenser and switched on the hot water tap, I turned at the sound of water and he stuck his hand in! He quickly pulled out hand and I hurriedly ran cold water over his hand. It was very red, he cried from time to time but only when he tried to pick up things or cuddle… We still went to breakfast cos he was ok… but he couldnt settle down so I took him to the paed which is in the same area while don and boys stayed at breakfast and went for hair cut. Poor boy screamed his head off while he was being treated. THe paed said its only superficial and he had cream to “cool” the pain and some painkiller meds. He had his hand wrapped mostly cos to stop him from wiping off the cream and I had to repeat the cream etc for next 24 hours. After lunch, he was his usual jolly self, clambering everywhere, cheery and happy… we took a look at his hand and its gaining normal colour, only a bit of pink between the fingers, I applied cream again and again before bedtime.. I think it’s still a bit tender but he’s ok, at least in himself…

That was yday. Today he’s fine, save for some pink areas deep inbetween the fingers so cream and hand wrap again.. and I sent him for his trial run at school today anyway.. the Js are very proud LOL and he even waved goodbye to me.. well, we shall see if I get a phonecall.. Its just once in a while anyways till he’s nearer 2.. but tell u what.. oh the peace and quiet… and no kids TV hehehehhe..

onwards to whatever I wanna do!!


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