How was his first day?

I had to pick him up early, not cos he was bawling but he’s worn out! lol apparently he was very good, cried when Js went upstairs but he settled down it seems.. he played nicely with the materials (mostly by himself, expected at this age), ate his snack well.. even listened to instruction pretty well… then he was getting tired (I had rung the school to see how he was, principal suggested he’s had enough for today) When I got there, he was not crying but looked very sleepy lol took him home, teacher told me she was surprised and impressed how well he settled down and behaved, esp since he’s not yet 18mths.. so she told me thats a good sign for when hes older… so whew! 🙂 He gave me a big hug, wave bye bye to teacher and then pointed to school and said “ool! ool!” My tired lil man LOL there is a 20mth old there but he’s accompanied by the maid, after he turns 2, no more maid they said. am hoping that by doing this once in a while, he’s ok with the idea after he’s 2 or when h e’s more ready.. the peace this morning was quite blissful 🙂 I’ve got to pick up the Js soon but k is happy thankfully! good trial run I reckon 🙂


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