What Ugga said to me yday:

Ugga: Do you know what I want to see you write a fantasy piece with a female lead on a journey to accomplish some mission
overcome amazing odds, encountering friends and foes, overcoming her shortcomings to defeat the evil king or something like that, a real mythic structured story?  I want to see you write from a set structure: and I think you would do a great job on something like that.. etc..

Lia: Errr… ok….

(sorry Ugga LOL)

I woke up this morning from a dream that had action, romance, conflict, flaming swords, fighting and a female character, flawed yet with the right amount of “STUFF”… and my first thought was: (ok ok maybe my 2nd thought after being woken by kids) OOOH THATS MY STORY right there… weird or what.. NOt sure if I will write script or prose… I havent written prose in the longest time…
Now it’s just to get to writing it… hmmmmmmm……..


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