So… what shall I rant about many choices….

Here are some folks trying to get a online petition going reg: the haze:

Doesnt it make you mad that everytime the govt will point fingers elsewhere, tell us to seek divine intervention (the good old act of God routine u know), pray for rain, blah blah blah blah… but no money to clean it up (it cant ALL be our neighbouring country’s fault u know, I bet there are some homegrown malaysian pollutants helping things along)… but can spend RM490million on a London sports complex which would prob turn into a white elephant cos we wont have enough sports people to take part (they’ve either lost all their padangs, local sports complexes fallen into disrepair or they’ve collapsed and choked to death on the Haze)… NOw here’s an alternative thought: Our athletes so used to polluted air, they go to places with fresh air for competitions and then pengsan! (oh wait.. dont they do that anyway?! hehehehe)… So THAT’s what the sports complex is for “Fresh Air Conditioning!” Then, possibly make sense hor..

Saw in the papers today that this guy who suffers from siniutis (sp?) goes away to phuket with his family till haze clears… nice if you can do that.. don suffers from the above, where is it possible for him to do that? Do they want to wait till 1997/98 levels????

Mr Close one Eye very bold and unrepentent and unREPRIMANDED while no: 1 goes on opening koi farms, attending weddings, the occ. international forum where he was too busy to discuss various issues with the No:1 Big Idiot, Giving us nice fatherly advice and issuing some directive or another while no:2 (and another Aging Youth and SonInLaw, as PT so aptly puts it) seems to be dictating national policy and the race card.. Preaching racial harmony is never the same as living it daily.. Tolerence is not enough, acceptance is best… but hey… I cant blog about the other stuff concerning us these days, nanti kena ISA (remember, the headline “BLOGGERS BE WARNED”)… hahahhahahha..

Talking about inconsiderate, stupid people… Today k and I went to the “Swedish” mall…  Found one of those extra wide “family” carparking spots (which brings me to another point “Why do cars  WITH ONE PERSON in them park in these spots?” Or a couple park there… because? MALAS to walk soooo far mahhh… curses at these people) anyway, when k and I were done, I returned to our parking spot… what did I discover? Someone had “cleverly” parked INBETWEEN the two family parking spots, barely giving us enough room to open our doors. Fortunately it wasn’t on k’s side but I wouldnt have bothered being so careful in opening my car door.. u stupid enough to park like that, I stupid enough not to care if your car kena my door.. hurmph… if I had the Js with me, habis trying to get everyone in! The guard’s tude was.. Shrug.. Page them, they dont come, how… APATHY, everywhere APATHY.. What if I had someone in a wheelchair or frail person who needed help(and no disabled spots left), how on earth do I get them in? you TELL ME…  That was when I wished I had a camera phone and take that person’s sodden inconsiderateness, licence plate included)..

Seeing my kids all cooped up inside, couldnt even do lantern festival with them (just in case the candles in their traditional lantern sets off a chemical reaction from the gunk in the air) nemind they could BREATHE that gunk in… They dont understand it that much, k is too young but anyone would get cranky from being cooped up inside.. then our electricity bills will go up cos must use a/c otherwise we’d suffocate ourselves.. Then TNB declares another price hike (cost of production gone up mah.. not enough Mercs for our directors u know..)… Again, go and see PT’s blog on the haze etc.. It tells it all so much better…

So what legacy ARE we leaving for our kids?


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