J2 has turned into one stubbon, dont want to do anything by himself little something… Along with his teachers, we’ve been trying to sort out why etc.. ditto with what they r watching at school (inbetween main lessons and extra class), shocked to discover Power rangers, Ant Bully and one kid even wanted to play star wars! (these are 4 year olds!).. J2 hates violence or fighting of any kind so dunno if it’s playing on his mind right now.. especially since hes declared that he’s now afraid of the dark and absolutely refuses to go to sleep on his own.. Never had such a prob before with j2 (j1, simplylah drama king lol), but last two nights it’s been CRAZY (btw they have two nightlights, one on each end, one’s shining on him directly).. .Need to talk to teachers more on this but its really quite ridiculous.. dunno what triggered it off.. im generally very careful with what they watch, I hvnt been as good in reducing their TV hours admittedly.. sigh… oh help…

I just want him to go back to being his sweet, good self and not be afraid of the dark… suggestions?

I’ll have to dig up some stories and try and work thru it somehow.. sigh..


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