What are parents teaching kids today?

Went to kidsports with the Cuddly Kids and Mummy S and baby K. Was fun, once the rude and rowdy older kids ran off (j2 didnt like that and hid with the two ks in the young kids section)… J1 was happy driving the pink car (yes he likes pink eek lol) and they made a new friend in the end.. but there was some rude kids there. Mummy S got scolded very rudely for wanting to take away this car (which wasnt being used mind u) for baby K to sit in, by.. a 6-7 year old girl. SMACK (tempting).. I guess I’ve got no patience for this hehehee.. Mummy S told me abt this time the daddy had taken baby K to sameplace and this 3-4 year old girl kept throwing balls AT him so Daddy A reprimaded her (nicely). She went to tell her daddy who came over and what was her daddy’s reasoning (he asked baby K and his daddy to leave instead if they dont like it) “We pay more money than u! we deserve to be here” What kinda logic is THAT!?!!? SMACK.. makes u wonder what they r learning from their parents these days hor.. So if I pay for my three kids, does that mean we get to stomp all over everyone?? What a ****** … very sad, lah… money orientated? Definitely.. everyone for themselves I guess…

Oklah. short rant today 🙂 Tired!

later days..


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