today’s check up..

Check up today: good to see dr teoh today 🙂 nice to catch up etc.. He was amused that lily and ailian and I all knew each other ehhee.. and k of course trying to make friends with everyone LOL So had blood samples/urine sample taken. Internal exams, vaginal ultrasound etc.. apparently bladder has tiny white protein (possibly) points so I need to  increase the water intake etc sigh (reduce or no caff).. but the bad part: Im not producing any eggs… 😦 😦 no eggs, no ovulation, no pregnancy chances… It is cos Im still nursing soo much (despite my regular periods).. ovulation would be erractic or non-existent (haha su diff 😉 )

I wallowed in self pity for a wee while..but D pointed out to me that we’d better start k on the road to weaning then and sort the protein bladder thing. The test results will be in a week’s time. As he says, we can dispense with contraception, u never know, simply tembak.. but when doc told me, no eggs, I was like.. oh.. (insert long pause here)… But d made good sense, so feel better.. I will bounce back in my usual crazy way..


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