Must tell u funny thing the Js told me last night.. I had changed into my scruffy housecoat cos K gave me a FREE shower when I was bathing him (he likes showering like his brothers hehe)so my baju wet.. anyways, as I was saying goodnight to the Js, J2 said oh mummy u are wearing a very long skirt. Told him it was a dress..he said oh ok! It’s very beautiful mummy!! J1 of course must join in and agreed, “yes mummy it’s very beautiful, u should wear it more often”.. after that I cracked up laughing. They laugh with me but with puzzled expressions LOL the cheeky guys..
K has taken to pointing and saying what he wants “Mama!! MUM-MUM!” he wants his food.. “MAMA! Meeeee” (milk).. hehee.. he’s also trying to shake his head no (or na-na) and yes (yeeeeee) but Im not sure he knows what it means LOL Last night he was not wanting to nurse so I asked him no boob? He shook his head vigourously and said na-na! so I put him in cot and said good night.. He had this surprised look of horror on his face LOL LOL “MAMAAAAA!!!!! ME-ME!! (that’s his boob to him lol).. hehehehehehe.. Im so cruel..

Uncle Drew’s bday today!! Welcome to the 30s, buddy LOL We should see him today for lunch and a bit in the afternoon (after the Js school)..  Fun fun! I baked a cake for him but it aint going to be like his mum’s who is AMAZING at this domestic stuff.. esp cooking.. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. our “surprise”‘party was a kindapathetic attempt but hopefully he had fun despite it.. was nice to just chill, eat and yabber away… 🙂

later days!


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