Weekend catchup.

The js started coughing again last thurs. Then josh was worse on fri
night (jamie not too bad). on sat, josh started having breathing
difficulties…struggling to breathe, huff and puff. our doc friend
had dropped by to pass us some ventolin (antiHis) and I asked him to
check josh, he told us to take him to the hosp (our regular paed was
not open). So off we went! Went to the emergency ward, they saw us
quickly but the blasted emergency doc neglected to tell the paed that
josh was wheezing and he didnt prescribe nebuliser to ease his
breathing while we waited. Told me to go see the paed after Josh’s
xray! So the xray was quick.. josh was very patient.. I had to carry
him everywhere though, poor thing…had a LONG wait at the paed. Then
the paed was furious with the emerg. doc cos he hadnt told her and
that I should have been taken in to see her straight away!Poor josh
was dozing and finding it so hard. He would peek thru his half closed
eyelids and ask “Is it my turn yet mummy?” Poor guy 😦 I should have
been more garang I guess.. but I tell u somehting funny though.. When
we first walked in, quite a few folks there, many bottle fed babies.
Josh said quite loudly “What are they doing mummy? Those babies are
too young for bottles!” so I tried to explain about formula/breast,
not everyone etc etc.. and then he said loudly “but mummy, boob milk
is best for babies, why do they give them bottles? That’s only for BIG
kids like me!” I also dunno how to answer LOL so I said “different
people do things differently sometimes hun” so he just nodded.
hahahahhaa damn funny also lah..

anyway, Eventually they put him on the nebuliser and what a
difference, the colour came back to his face, he chatted away and then
asked for milo. it looks like he has childhood asthma, sigh.. but
anyway paed reckoned with care, having an inhaler around, exercise, it
should help. We saw the paed again for checkup (this time it was my
mate who does locum at a paed clinic in TTDI)and jamie is also now
wheezing/prone to it. With the haze predicted to come, we have to be
careful, aiyoo.. poor guys, maybe 2 bdays in a row like that. So we
have inhalers (or puffers as they call em lol) etc. Josh has always
been the hardy one. Was quite hard to keep calm in a way to see him
struggling to breathe but had to bury that deep, otherwise he get
scared. But he said it was fun (??? lol ) and we shared a nice cosy
milo together before daddy came to pick us up. We were in the hosp
almost 5 hours! Don took the kids to our friend drew’s mum’s place
(they had made pau for us and wanted to send over but since don was
driving kids around, k went to sleep already- they said come over).
since we hadnt eaten, she made lunch for all! and food to take for
me.. and pau! Arent they the sweetest folks..


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