Apathy Part 1.. Robbers Mugging in front of kindys..

Today, the principal of the Js school told me that a father got robbed by four guys with parangs in front of the school, he was early to pick up his son fortunately the kids were at the back having their brunch and everything was locked. The thing is: the dad (rather foolishly to me) withdrew RM50k in CASH from the bank and went to pick his son first (before conducting whatever biz), aiyoo.. so these guys followed him (if they were not already tipped off by someone)and mugged him at the school gates. A neighbour driving down moved in to help but they had dashed off, he took their car number down and even followed them up to ikea but he lost them.. he helped the father make a report.. I mean what is with the area these days?! partly also apathy from cops or society mebbe.. the cops apparently told the dad “u ok what, nemindlah, cant do anything”..

Thank goodness no kids (or anyone) were hurt or saw anything.. To me, It was partly foolish behaviour (whylah u must take out so much CASH leh, finish what u needed to and then get ur kid), partly takdir as it were (oooh dont I sound like a politician when I say that).. so many people don’t behave “street smart” and take precautionary measures (even as basic as locking your car doors when you are inside).. I mean don’t have to live in fear of course but if you are careful, “less chance” (it doesnt always work i know).

But aren’t criminals getting bolder and bolder these days (maybe some of them get elected into parliament! ooooo)..You can partly blame the cops for their apathy in catching these guys, no fear of reprisals so they dont care hou ow bold.. and the increased crime generally signifies a economic slowdown somewhere.. You could blame the no of illegals etc or foreign workers, whatever (not every foreign worker is a criminal in the making, many just want to make a better life for their families back home by earning what they can and working hard).

Dunnolah.. I am also speechless, somewhat concerned but what to do,have to carry on with life lor, cant hide under the beds either (mostly cos I cant fit and can u imagine the dust?! heehe).. Be as careful as you can but don’t let fear rule ur life either.

Let’s hope an independent police commission would also be set up, we need omnibudsmen leh.. but word is that the police force don’t want that.. hmmm.. wonder why… Of course if that parent was a politician or a titled person, waahhh sooo cepat tangkap all.. Like when I got mugged (way back in 1996, things were slowng down economically, it was in broad daylight on jalan raja chulan, surrounded by people, no one helped me), the cops were more interested in asking me out for a date than caring about the mugging.. sigh.. bet there are lots of stories like mine (if not worse)….

Other points of note:

someone called for Cutting out of suicide scenes from indian movies etc so no one get tempted???? This came about after a mum tried to kill herself and 3 kids (two survived) in front of a train.. I mean I dont think suicides will get reduced by cutting out scenes.. but quite typical comment also hor…

The other thing that caught my eye today: Linda Lim’s article in today’s star two. the examples she quoted (save the guy getting beaten up), I see so often 😦 So sad.. 12 years being spoon fed by folks.. the way they talk and treat maids (and thats where the kids learn to look down on folks).. It really does make us wonder what the next generation of adults etc would be like.. Seeing what happens in schools etc.. so many connundrums (sp?) huh?

Ok battery getting low, time to pay attention to the Kids 🙂 Just had to blog about today’s incidents.


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