Jasin MP in the news again..

waahhhh… Master Jasin MP is back at it again.. According to this report in the Star today, he’s now whining that he didnt get that Mercedes he wanted, they said”reserved” and that he had to look at some “useless” cars.. Good lord, is there no end to his arrogance and “thick skin-ness”? He sounds childish also.. “They don’t want to friend me!” “But I wanted that Merc…waaahhh… ”

and he’s an elected representative……. the mind boggles…

Someone in the letters to the editor section mentioned that comparing them to the zoo was an insult to the zoo animals.. heheheheee.. made me laugh also!

and why the hell doesnt cathy cinema for the new cineleisure damansara have a website?! apalah..

what’s next…..


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