The Tussle for supremacy in a lift?

Why is it folks CAN’t wait for u to come out or they wont hold the lift doors open if u r trying to come in? Or lagi they won’t stand at the back so others can come in.. mustlah stand RIGHT in front.. This happened to us in Sunway, (we went to that Hartz chicken buffet that Agnes raves about ehhehee), I had stroller and with the two kids, so I just said “COULD YOU PLEASE MOVE TO THE BACK PLEASE?!” quite loudly, then they sheepishly shuffled to the back.. my boys learn from me and said very loudly EXCUSE ME PLEASE (which is usually the tactic I use).. Can someone explain to me why those w.o strollers/trolleys/young kids/wheelchairs must take the lift, nemind the escalator is so nearby? No wonder always jam packed.. grrrrrrrrrrr.. I knew there was a reason why I rarely go to sunway pyramid HAHA

ok.. that’s my rant for now.. except for getting rid of this BLASTED cough…


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