Does it work?

There are heaps of conception calculators/calendars on the various parenting sites, helping you conceive (or attempt to time it right), even towards a girl or boy if necessary.. As you can imagine, we would love to have a girl next so I’ve been reading up on the gender selection thing, even though the scientific methods are to be banned now (they love to do things willy nilly don’t they, not do researchlah, simply go ban etc). No:4 is to be the last for Cuddlykiddies, after that will prob officially tutup factory, would be nice to have girl lah but who knows how these things are.. (I think CuddlyHubby nak pengsan already).. I always wanted to round off da family by age:35 (not long to go, ok ok, two more years but hey.. LOL)
Here are some links if u r interested:

Web MD’s calendar, Babycenter’s calendar, Conceptionstore calendar.
Now many swear by the Chinese conception calendar (esp for gender selection). Here are some website links:

Baby Gendar Chart


Now, I know I aint the brightest spark around but the timezone thing is kinda confusing to me, err, which +8 are we? From china? from the US? whatlah.. I know u have to calculate the timezone, but no explanation what it means LOL but those who have used this chart, will help me out there Im sure hehehehe..Wonder how leh..

I checked out the chart, working backwards for the “conception” for the CuddlyKids, the Js were boys, so that was accurate, but with K, supposed to conceive girls (IF Im looking at it right, I need to know the lunar month, which, err, I can only guess at)…So hmm.. I wonder if there is any truth in the chart.. (whether or not was found in a 700 year old tomb is another story LOL)..who knowslah.. Geez I dang blur.. LOL
With k not sleeping thru the night and this blasted cough nowhere near disappearing still, CuddlyHubby does ask, u want no:4?!?!?!1 heheehheee.. but when you are already crazy, one more doesnt hurt does it? K will be 2 next year, let’s see how we go from there..but I like to research etc.. 😉 and it’s always fun to try! Tembak saja!


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