Hack, cough, hack, sniffle..

Jenns cooking blog

Today is a monster mummy day.  Yup Im still sick, Im having trouble sleeping at night.. it’s crazy, dunno why also.. kids are better now, k is sleeping longer stretches at night now.. so.. dunno leh.. sigh… Makes me cranky in the day and it’s always tiring enough as it is..

Had a shouting match with jamie today, what a tussle of wills that was. And he aint even 4 years old yet! Anyway eventually everyone calmed down and we had a serious talk about things.. Things are calmer at the moment..he’s going thru another moment of tantrums or phase I should say. hopefully it will calm down or else kepala pening leh!

I have to go and put the Top Gear Winter Olympics VCD on for the 300th time this last two days.. works a treat though LOL What would we do without top gear or car mags I can tell u?!

more rumblings later..


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