Holy Politician Speak!

Noticed today that Master Jasin MP (what is his name leh) “sharpened his claws” and pointed the fingers at Customs, “they do it what!” “NO need to look at me, look at them! look at them!” “But Im not targeting Malacca Customs, no, no..” Aren’t they all good at that? The Blame Game, by Malaysian MPs. Even the parliamentary debate fell apart until folks call each other insane and animals.. Sigh.. Like YB Nazri declaring ‘open war’ on Tun M. To me, whylah so sensitive wan.. Aren’t citizens allowed to express their displeasure or demand answers, whether you be the orang in the street or an ex-PM. These are prob the same guys who skimmed off the cream during the ‘M’ era.

Tun M was never one to mince words, so whylah must change.. I tell u, the Jasin MP will prob get away with it cos he prob worked alongside the other cronies lor.. so ‘if I go down, you go down’ scenario again ? Takdir?

Reading today the comments of our very own DBPJ (dewan bandaraya now u know, dont play-play) about the missing income from billboards (and boy do we have a lot) and the mysterious “donations” and missing accounts of the MPPJ footie club.. dodgy.. dodgy indeed..  And his response to queries? “These donations are an understanding, a practice from previous years, but there are some companies who give the donations and there are some who don’t,” confirmed Termizi. 

I see… It’s an UNDERSTANDING.. (nudge nudge wink wnk a nod is as good as a wink to a blind bat, perhaps?) From previous years? Ahh so it was SOMEONE ELSE’s fault is it?  Again the blame game. As Eddie Murphy often said in one of his routines “Wasn’t me..” “But I saw you coming out that **** house” “Wasn’t me”. Sigh.. what next? The MBPJ/MPPJ saga continues..

Again, the PR applications are delayed by the foreigners not checking up on the process.. I see.. so until someone checks on things, then only we do is it? Acc to the honourable gentleman (and I use these terms lightly), It’s their fault if they supply insufficient info or keep tabs on things themselves.. so IT”S THEIR FAULT, not ours. We aren’t inefficient, just have to wait till someone gets in touch mah.. This was in response to an opposition MP’s posing of the question why hadn’t this woman’s PR application from 1988 still not process.. the headache of having a foreign spouse etc.. and then they complain why brain drain, why no one want to come back.. U can appeal to their patriotic duty all you want, but if u give em so much crap when they do return, cant u understand why they dont want to come back?

Speaking of foreigners, acc to one fler from the East Coast, foreigners dont want to come and settle here cos.. malaysian women wont get conned into marrying em.. I was like HUH?!?!?!! Apparently them folks who wanna settle down here (under the malaysian my 2nd home thing) also want local wives but lack the understanding and us Malaysian girls aint going to get fooled! Yeah! that’s right! Someone in the papers today said “Shows u how obsessed they are with women doesn’t it?!” point well taken, point well taken…

RM100K for social graces course? Apparenlty DBKL top brass need it.. I seeeeeee…

aiyo, eyes can’t stay awake anymore.. more later!


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