New Foodie?

Someone emailed the starwith regards to the bread article asking for some help (she recently bought a breadmaker). So in the interests of a fellow foodie, I replied (Min hasn’t had a chance to yet).

CM, here’s what I read in my trusty book, The Bread Machine cook book by Jennie Sharper, ISBN: 13579108642 bought from MPH for RM9.90 publishers: Hermes House. :

If bread not risen enough/at all: yeast either expired or insufficient. Rapid cycle chosen (insufficient time to rise etc), too much salt (or salty objects), salt/yeast got in touch with each other (they kill each other). Wholegrain/wholemeal need longer to rise, a plain/all purpose flour may have been chosen (has a lower gluten content), insufficient liquid, lid open during rising stage, no sugar added. Ingredients not at right temp.

If the crust is too chewy and tough: increase butter or oil and milk.

hope this helps her!


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