More on the Kongsi Raya Debate.

Letter in the Star 1

Letter in the Star 2 

It's a childhood I do remember, no one batted an eyelid reg: what u were, just a bunch of folks together, doing what you do, what you have to.. Isolationism isn't a good thing… As opposed to this letter, another note (thanks to maxforce for bringing it to my attention) was that We need to hear what the muftis reasons were cos we aren't experts or trained in the subject matter..  I see.. so we have to be "trained" in order to decide whether it's negative or positive, these latest Ulama Utterings. Sheep mentality you think? 

today I asked hubby so.. what's the shortage we have today? Sometimes I think it's the power of thought and questioning that we are short of.  Letter 2 made some pertinent points- yes at a time where the image of Islam is at its lowest ebb (through no fault of the majority of Muslims for sure) and you also want to promote the moderateness of Malaysia's own, this is what makes headlines… (that and Cherie Blair making a crazy appearance lol)… sigh… 

The day is still young… wonder what will happen next…  


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