What are we coming to?

skimming thru the papers today:http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2006/6/16/nation/14559399&sec=nation caught my eye. The robber confronted this poor lady in the carpark (in a damasara popular mall with a park nearby,wonder where hmmm?) and he got POed cos she only had RM50 with her so he dragged her off to rape her somewhere. Goodness me! I mean.. aiyooo bad enough wanna ROB someone but angry cos not enough?! I mean c'monlah.. sorry, next time I carry lots of cash so as not to PO you is it? so many stories these days about rapes, violent crimes etc. Even fathers or relatives! Like those brothers who claimed that they got overexcited from watching porno movies that they had to rape their teen sister?????? The more you repress, the more nasties come out ya know? Not that Im advocating mass distribution of porno movies hehe but Sex education (including safety, the emotional impact etc, not just the physical whatsits) is such a crazy subject, they don't want to have anything to do with it.. The teenager who went with her boyfriend and had sex with him (probably a more normal thing that folks like to admit) but what was the horrific thing was her bastard boyfriend in turn took his friends to take turns raping her.. several times over.. Several days in a row… Quite sad to see what's happening now.. Will the powers that be do anything about it? The cynic in me says: prob not…

Good opinion on yday's Ulama Utterings: http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2006/6/16/nation/14559580&sec=nation According to the headlines, PAS doesnt agree with the idea of Kongsi Raya.Oh, what a surprise there, really.. They all seem so frightened of liberalism and pluralism (I had to look up that word, defined: A system that includes individuals from groups differing in basic background experiences and cultures. Pluralism allows for the development of a common tradition while preserving the right of each group to maintain its cultural heritage. It implies mutual respect.) Now.. Why is that a BAD thing? At the rate we are going, we are going to end up so segregated, (the tones of South Africa's nasty past ring here a little bit), then the peace and stability we DO enjoy goes to pot. I remember growing up in school all the kids played together, we gossiped, no one really cared about the whole u are this, that and the other.. Yes, you respect certain things lah but we went to open houses, family celebrations, macam all kawan-kawan semua. Letters in the papers today (ok I only read the star ahha) talked about similar experiences. Race based politics? we can't seem to move on from there.. Until you do, it's harder to progress, no?
So another May 13th incident? I sincerely hope not.. It would seem such a shame to what we had worked towards.. but then are we getting complacent, stagnant, unwilling to change or compromise? Not UNDERSTANDING, rather than just TOLERATING.. I dunno.. Im just a Malaysian in this still pretty wonderful country of ours trying to raise a new generation of Malaysians who are polite, caring, UNDERSTANDING and most of all to THINK.. (well, Im hoping to raise that generation LOL)..

I can't say I have the answers, just a bewildred individual, wondering what's happening to my beloved country…


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