Kongsi Raya is to be reviewed?

"the National Fatwa Committee had decided that celebrating festivals of other religions could erode the faith of Muslim and lead to blasphemy."

? ???? This is from the latest Ulamas chinwag conference.. (I had written an earlier post but somehow it kena deleted)..

http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2006/6/15/nation/14545669&sec=nation is a follow up article with the responses to what they been saying.

I can understand the moral concerns they seem to have (to a point), and they claim they want to dispel the misconceptions of Islam.. I see.. by saying that going to another non-Muslim's house to feast and all that is against the religion? Doesnt that reek of intolerance, and just plain silly? Open houses etc don't have the religious ceremonies really. It's just feasting (which all religions and cultures seem to love u know..) and a bunch of folks just hanging out. what's the big? Free mingling of the sexes? a perceived notion that other religions trying to convert Muslims? Dunnolah… IF u dont like, dont go lah.. simple as that what..

I couldnt find the original article online but Im sure you could find it 🙂 Makes for interesting reading and the occasional head shaking perhaps…


4 thoughts on “Kongsi Raya is to be reviewed?

  1. It is disturbing to find such comments in the newspaper.
    We have always been stressing our multi racial unity and our social stability.
    This will set us back 40 years!!!
    The whole idea of Kongsi Raya is Unity.
    The whole idea of visiting each other during festives is Unity.
    Damn the screwed up mentality.
    I am going to launch a blog just on mentality!
    I am going to write to the newspapers about mentality!
    I am going to build a community with the right mentality!
    Damn, am I naive? (still gonna do it anyway)

  2. maxforce, thanks for commenting! You comment on PT’s blog too huh? Yeah, it’s quite disconcerting reading it all.. Im also ignoring all my typos LOL
    go ahead, start ur blog 🙂 why not?

    “Parti Persatuan Mentaliti Baru” (ok ok my SPM melayu is koyak already)..

  3. Yeah in fact I came here via PT’s blog.
    Starting soon, though unsure what impact I could bring.
    But still doing it anyway.

    Haha that direct BM translation is what it is.
    Remember Star Wars – Revenge of the Siths
    It was I think, Perang Bintang – Dendam Kumpulan SIth
    Try translating a whole song and sing to it. It ll be fun and amusing.

    Look at today’s Star under letters and comments section.
    There was actually an idiot who ask everyone not to jump the gun cos we do not know shit. Pardon my language. Read it as cos we’re not an expert in the issue
    Sad Sad Neanderthal thinking!

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