More signs of jealousy? But Sunday was a great day..

We actually had a decent day on sunday. Got to have a wee bit of a lie in (always a plus point as a parent!), We went out to have breakfast at our usual TTDI place. the boys and daddy got a haircut at the TTDI mamak barber, k has his first haircut! (or trim rather). Everyone was as good as gold! (pictures to follow shortly). Was quite fun for them (cos u know, they want to copy daddy!), we then went to centrepoint where mummy got her haircut and then back home. Since it was a very pleasant day, we let them play outside in the portable pool thingys, k included. They had SUCH A blast! We then had a little picnic out in the yard. Sree and his mum dropped by, that was nice. Then karen came by later on, where we had dinner outside too! It was quite fun and very relaxed and peaceful : )

 K however has been aggressive to his brothers now, when they want a cuddle and sit on my lap, he stomps over, scolding them and pulling at their hair and trying to smack em away. He gets reprimanded for that! Must nip that in the bud. He's not been sleeping well at night too. Discovered a new tooth erupting (he has 7 teeth now, 4 up top and 3 below), it's an upper one, towards our left, a random tooth LOL no sign of No:4 below though.. crazy fella! He can climb down from sofa etc quite well now, but not so good with steps (climbing up he's fast now lol). He can even unlock the bottom stair gate, he's very bright and observant for his age leh.. scarrrryyy…

More on this tomorrow 🙂  


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