Couldn’t upload pictures today..

let me just say I got real cheesed off. I finally put things together to post pictures on our picture blog (see links at side). Blogger has locked down that site (w.o notifying me) cos it has been identified as a "potential spamming source" Im like HELO!?!?!! I haven't used it since oct last year, and I wanna get it back working again. Apparently (after doing all the "action required first" stuff), I have to WAIT until someone notifies me that my account is good to go! cos they have to have someone look over it first. That is just… grrrrrrrrr… After all this time, I FINALLY decide to post pix… tiada pulak..

 will give them a day or two… but I've sent a very POed email to blogger anyways 🙂 ok, early bedtime!


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