Today’s Cooking Experiments

Got a cookie mix from chang tung, Js and I put it together (half of it, the other is now frozen in a ball, wrapped in oiled cling film), they aren'tperfectly shaped but it was fun. They designed patterns with choc chips, even a smiley face. LOL

also tried a pumpkin seed bread recipe (must be from scratch), the prob was the power cut out before I could stick it in the oven so it got proved for 15mins longer than necessary, the top of the bread looks funky! But the proof is in the pudding as they say and we get to test it later tonight. Wonder what it would be like. Im quite enjoying experimenting with breads, must browse thru my books again, more so when the kids are back at school.

Either Bread and butter pudding or Mi Koo is next I think… I think I will get a Nigella book next time Im at MPH, still have some birthday vouchers to use. Anyways, I've got the right flour (I think) for homemade pasta etc so we can try that next. Now I just have to find the instructions for the pasta machine hahahaa


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