Today’s shopping excursion…

I took the Js and K shopping in the local supermarket.. Dumped k in stroller and the Js held onto the sides as always. Had lunch first at what was once one of our fav. restr. but since then has expanded and the service was crappy, k was cranky, nursed him to sleep (freaked out the next table HAHA), and put him back in stroller. Anyways, we went to the supermarket. Js insisted they could help me push either the trolley or the stroller (with their now comatose brother in it). So I agreed. That was an adventure I can tell. When the trolley got too heavy, they moved over to the stroller. As twins would behave, One went that way, the other wanted to go the other way. Despite "destroying" most things in their path, their brother calmly slept thru the lot. In fact, he slept thru everything until we reached the car.

It's a lot like herding sheep in a way, I need a working dog HAHA. Teaching left and right, stop. start. Im beginning to sound like da loud mum of old sitcoms. hmmmmm…….

But we had a good dinner and they are all asleep now… all good… 🙂


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