Astro guy.. or also known as the cable guy..

This guy was due to fix our Astro which had either NOT been working (the mysterious yellow dot or square appears instead) or it wouldonly have certain channels. Or only work two hours in am and two hours again at night. (are they trying to tell us we watch too much TV?!).. so anyway, we suspect our decoder is nearer its life span and told this guy so. Waited ALL day. Rang him up at 4pm, he said I forgot! (grr). Said he'd come after 8pm. I said ok (since munchkins would be asleep). Didnt show up. Rang him, didnt pick up my call. Eventually he ranng me back and asked do u still need me to fix it.. Im like well DUH.. .he asked to come (and this is at 915pm u know) now, I said no, how about ini the am. He said he very busy, world cup season, many astro installations. I said well.. so? He eventually said he'd come at 1pm tomorrow. told him u'd better. I have a full day lagi tomorrow. SMACK da man..

must find someone else leh.. sigh…


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