making fresh pasta? or noodles? or something..

I have the torture device, ahem, I mean the pasta machine.. just have to figure out the right flour to use for it, I also might try the breadmaker's settings for that.. see if that works.. time to raid the bake shop again! experiment with diffr flours.. The kids can have fun rolling it out, beating it up.. Gotta find things to do during the hols and so on…

next project: Bread and Butter Pudding. (it's an old family fav). 

Other Projects: Kuih Bahulu (one day I get it right), Mi Ku (steamed rice flour cakes in funky turtle like shapes mmm).. and pastry, dang it.. pastry and I don't make friends well.. LOL 

 what else should I try…. hmmmmm…. lasagna?


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