Cheeky Brothers..

the three brothers can be sooo cheeky sometimes.. it's great fun to watch K toddling about, pretending he's a real toddler and can run, he yabbers away (I also think he's got some teeth fighting to come out) "drives" his cars like his brothers. He doesnt seem like he's 13mths plus only.. where does the time go!? 

the Js are doing pretty well too,  their reading and word recognition growseachday, I must, must practice reading with themmore, I've been a bad mummy 😦  O, Josh is doing REAL well with drawing/colouring.. so pleased for him, he's very determined to get things right and can study it for hours! (a comic, book, picture) and he tries to copy that pix or colouring properly in his book or even draw sketches.. he can do those almost all the afternoon.. like daddy I guess.. 🙂 J is the entertainer of the family Im sure haha.. but they are three loving darlings who Im very proud of 🙂

 more on them soon!


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