haha it got POSTED in the papers on sunday, jadi RM50 winner lagi! waaahhhhh.. don’t pray-pray! 🙂 It did get edited for length, but quite the thrill u know.. small thrill lah but still.. let’s see if we get any money HAHAHAHA

CONGRATULATIONS to Ai Lian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 (her blog should be linked on the side I think.. if not it’s on min’s blog)… soooo exciting. no:3 coming! (well in another 8mths plus lol). D was thinking we are prob going to take sistah- hood too far and wanna get pg altogether! we’ve coined the phrase Ovary Conspiracy.. Wonder if that would make a good script or short story. hahaha..

right then… I must try and blog more 🙂

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