it’s been a long time I know.. but so muhc happened lately, soo bz 😦

Our buddy Sree’s dad MGG Pillai (see http://www.mggpillai.com) passed away suddenly last friday and this poem was written in memory of this larger than life man. I didnt know him as well as Don but he was a kind, earnest and articulate man. Our love and sympathies go out to his family..

To MGG Pillai

His legacy is not one of wealth and jewels but of something far richer

He was a man with integrity and an uncompromising attitude

that brought the admiration of all.

He was a loving husband and father

One who tried to install the same strength of character

That was the very essence of his character.

He was a respected journalist

A man who firmly believed in the truth and a fair society

A man of principle and a rare breed in todays society.

It was a great loss to us all at his passing.

Our hearts go out to his family

A man of great heart,

This was just one side of MGG Pillai,

A true son of Malaysia.

Angelia Ong

On the occasion of MGG Pillais passing

April 29th 2006.

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