K had the last load of shots till one year on Thurs. He weighs at 8kg and 61cm. he was quite cranky bt ok now, settled into eating cereal but not as keen (unless very hungry and given by somebody else) on having mummy’s milk via the bottle. He knows where the good stuff comes 😉

Boys are good, practising for a “mini-concert” in school. They are singing etc so much now, so cute! Jamie is finaly eating a bit more but has grown very attached to his daddy, kinda cute tho.

I know blogs have been few and far between. so busy and then by evening too tired! K’s a/c crapped out on us last night/this morning, poor thing. We had the guy come over but he can’t get the part till monday sigh… so he’s sleeping with us…

ok then… thats all from us for now.. tomorrow, we are off to a charity carnival!


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