This was written for PJ’s writing contest 5 (WC5).



TITLE: Mr. Cuddly makes a decision.

Page 1

Panel 1– A very large man with a tiny head fast asleep (dressed in vividly striped pyjamas pants and a white collarless t-shirt) on his side (back to us) on a large bed against the wall in a tiny bedroom. There’s a suitcase on the threadbare carpet floor. The window is open and the curtains are fluttering in the breeze, sunlight is beginning to stream through.

Panel 2– Large Man (Mr. Cuddly) has now opened his eyes, stretching awake. You can see his T-shirt with the writing: ‘My name is Mr. Cuddly’ in faded red big letters.

Panel 3– Mr. Cuddly tried to get up from bed and bumps his head on the ceiling.


Panel 4– Rubbing his head, Mr. C is now in a tiny kitchenette overlooking a dingy living/dining area, making his bacon and eggs.

Panel 5– Close up of a large hand scraping the blackened eggs and bacon in the pan into a rubbish bin (or trash can).

Page 2

Panel 1– Mr C is nursing a huge cup of steaming hot coffee over the want ads in the paper. The “Recruitment Classifieds” should feature prominently as a headline. Some of the want ads are circled in red.

Panel 2– Split panel of Mr C on the phone talking to a female secretary (in the other panel). Mr C’s face should look despondent while the secretary looks bored.

Panel 3– Mr C is crossing off another want ad in those papers with a big red pen, making an X marking.

Panel 4– Mr C now dressed in a suit and an tall hat, holding the want ads/newspaper in his hand, locking his appartment door. His face is dotted as if he’s cut himself shaving.

Page 3

Panel 1– Mr C is carefully counting out the money to pay the bored looking clerk behind the ticket counter in a subway station. Behind him, irritated travellers impatiently look on.

Panel 2– Mr C is now sitting in a subway car (empty carriage), hunched over, looking sad and depressed. Opposite him, a cute and angelic looking little girl with pig tails and a summer dress eyeing him thoughtfully. She has a cute clutch bag on her lap and a travel bag under her feet.

Panel 3– Mr C is reading his newspaper. We should be able to see the headlines “SHOCKING ROBBERY ON TRAIN BY SEVEN YEAR OLD GIRL.” clearly visible.

Panel 4 (large)- Mr C has lowered his newspaper and looking in surprise at the cute little girl now pointing a big gun at him and her hand is out.

Page 4

Panel 1– Mr C has turned out his suit pockets and the girl is inspecting his outstretched hands with disbelief. Should only contain the key to appartment and small change and a sweet or two.

Panel 2– The Girl is popping the sweet into her mouth while the other hand is waving the gun at Mr. C who just looks resigned to his fate.

Panel 3– the Girl is sucking on the sweet while eyeing the sad Mr. C. She’s looking thoughtful, calculative.

Panel 4– The Girl is now talking animatedly to Mr C (the gun is still being waved about rather cavalierly) who now looks interested.

Panel 5– The Girl is walking away, putting the gun in her clutch bag. with Mr C behind her, he’s carrying a large travel bag, the zip should be slightly open and some dollar bills should be peeking out.

Page 5

Panel 1– Mr. C (in suit and tall hat), he’s looking happy, eating his breakfast at the tiny dining table. The morning newspaper is on the side, unopened.

Panel 2– Close-up of the newspaper. Headlines in bold should read: “Robber girl Still Terrorising Subway.”

Panel 3 (large)- The Girl is now pointing her gun at a rich corporate type sitting on the subway, he’s emptying his pocket contents into the travel bag held open by Mr. Cuddly.

– FIN-

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