today I let jamie cry it out to sleep.. I know hes got a bit of cough/cold gng on but mann I cant cope with the lack of sleep, he’s waking up on the hour every hour since 1130pm till next morning.. its been nuts… Ive got to break the habit of being there on and off when he’s sleeping.. guess he needs more reassurance and sayang etc which Im trying my best to do, but lack of sleep doesnt make me themost patient Im afraid sigh..

but on the up side, josh is getting heaps better at gng to the loo! he’s done wees/poos in toilet or potty now and likes wearing undies (such pride! lol) and hopefully that will eventually work out… hv to keep at it and constant reminding! at least we hv the potty in the living room in case..jamie so far mostly accidents but still I do take him and he does do wees.. but we plod on…

k had a bit of a fever post-Triple antigen etc shots yday. he’s weighing in at 6.8kg and measuring 55cm.. goodness me! But he slept off his fever and was quite jolly rest of the day so thats good.. hopefully jamie gets back to the u gotta sleep on ur own thing. who knows why leh.. oh well..

so tired… hv a good week y;all…


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