wow, havent posted for a while. Its been ok lor, been walking every weekend, jamie’s started crying in fear at night for some reason (before gng to bed), so gotta try and work thru that.. Im not sure why, he keeps saying whats that noise, its just neighbours (cos thats wat I told him, its just neighbours).. Need to start teaching them how to pedal and encourage them. Last night was a tough night with jamie, he started a fever last night (he was so tired, and didnt wanna drink much after the walk etc).. gave him some calpol and he slept in fits and starts. but this morning he’s much better, ate pretty well so we see how we go.. not gng to the park today I think..

K is growing like a mutant! he’s HUGE… hes now started drooling in earnest and loves to gnaw on things, rubbing his finger against gums.. he’s getting good at grabbing things now, although he doesnt always get it and he cant ungrab lol he then complains, like “waaah, mummy, how do I let go!?” he likes to imitate his brothers and laughs out loud and smiles so much now.. He even raises his hands and twists them (like he’s driving!)… goodness me.. LOL His 3-6 baju is starting to fit snugly, esp the local ones (GASP) so gng to be washing the next lot of clothes soon, geez… either tomorrow or wed am gng to take him to the doc for his round of injections and to get him weighed and measured (I dare not imagine lol)…

ok.. thats basically all at the moment.


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