josh developed a sore throat but he slept well tonight, gave him some meds etc and hes a lot better this am.. He’s staying home from school today. he’s abt to doze off on the sofa. grandpa took jamie to school today who’s been a good lad, he did a wee this morning bfr getting dressed and he did his poo in the toilet after breakfast! Josh doesnt feel like it now so I am not gng to push him really.

I hope they get daytime trained by end of the year (habislah I if not!).. Glad parents are around to help with kids, its a lot harder to cope when they r sick. K continues to grow and eat like superchild man.. he’s so TALL! (and big lol)… Im not sure he’s 4mths old rather than the 2 mths! LOL

ok j2 wants me to sit with him now.. bbl!

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