At quiet time, we were reading the story "The enormous turnip". one of
the characters is called the 'the wife' so jamie asked what is a wife.
so I explained that that man married that lady and she is his wife. He
is her husband. Then I told him that mummy is daddy's wife.
Comprehending nods from my two. towards the end of the story Jamie
said to me "Mummy, I buy a wife.." "and josh buy a robot." I couldnt
stop laughing afterwards.. As they say, out of the mouths of babes...

soooo farneeeeeeeeeeee

cutelah my boys 🙂 they made a card each for daddy and brought him their first artwork, will show him after he watches idol! 🙂

ok.. mummy is writing a script, ah Ma, ah Kow and Uncle Kevin coming tomorrow!

later days

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One thought on “111901623697351758

  1. I’d know a few militant feminists who would be very upset with Jamie’s comment.

    “WOMEN ARE NOT A POSSESION TO BE BOUGHT BY MEN GNASHi YADA YADA GNASH” they’ll protest. Meanwhile, ther armpit hair grows yet another inch longer.

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