good news! Jamie did a poo in toilet!!! 😀 This morning, he asked daddy to take him to toilet.. didnt actually do the wee he said he wanted to but the thought was there.. After breakfast, Mummy told him its time to change into school uniform and he came (last time Mummy had to go and get him) dashing over and said he needed to do a wee. so on the toilet (he didnt wanna sit on the potty) we went! nothing and then he flushed and washed hands… Then Mummy asked him if he was sure he didnt wanna do a poo. He said he wanted to, so we went back on the toilet and Jamie chatted away to Mummy and Kieran (who was sleeping in the cot lol). Then after a bit he came off and said mummy I done a wee, so mummy checked and he’d done a poo!! yay!! we cheered and kisses all around. After clean up, he told Kieran he’d done a poo. he told josh.. and Mummy rang daddy and Jamie told him all about it! so he’s very proud of himself. Even told teacher when we went to school lol.

Ok, Mummy’s gng to tesco after Kieran is fed and changed!

later days

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