Mummy says: K is trying to turn over to his side! Boys are back at school for five mornings a week.. a breather for me.. 😀 K smiles and coos and gurgles quite a bit now and the boys love it, they talk to him a lot and love to kiss him on the head or tickle his toes. He smiles and “laughs” when that happens…

boys are getting much more independent in many ways and its great to see.. Josh esp lol Must dress or undress etc whatever.. if only it extended towards toilet training haha.. josh wld even go back to dressing himself if u tried to help him. “Mummy I DO IT myself!” Im like ok ok ok.. lol Jamie is gng thru the whiney toddler who changes his mind every 2secs and wont do things now phase.. at least Im telling myself its a phase.. it can be sooo frustrating… But its not all bad 🙂 they r good loving laddies.. in small doses.. HAHAHA

more later

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