we went to a playdate today, at the 1Utama kizsports.. ohhh it was soooooooo coooool!!!!! there were cars and slides, bouncey castles all sorts of things… we played and played and drove across along this “road” that was on the floor, J n J took turns on the car..but then Josh discovered the BIG slide, and I mean it was high up, almost to the roof! He bravely scrambled up the ramp and down the slide, even on tummy and bum etc.. They had a fab time and were well behaved good boys who asked politely if they cld play on something or was it their turn to hv the car or on the slide.. Jamie spent more time chitchatting! K either slept or just had fun looking everywhere. we had lunch there but dashed back to play not long after. however we refused to hv a rest after and so we gave mummy more trouble at night, or Jamie did rather. She then said that we will not go and see auntie min or adam tomorrow (we are gng to hv lunch with Ah Ma too!). if we were really, really good, we will get to go again to the “playground with a road” on Sat with daddy too!

Mummy is now very tired and will blog more tomorrow.

later days

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