Potty training is slow but we are getting the hang of it… Josh has been real good, done two poos in potty and wees in big toilet! but he’s always getting woken up by his big brother at evil hours in the am (like 5am) and so hes rather overtired and clingy.. but they do understand that mummy needs to deal with baby kieran, good boys that they r. next week mummy is gng to be on her own with her three lil men so that will be an interesting (not to mention tiring) week! but mummy says we are her big boys and ko-kos now.. Grandma and Grandpa gone back to penang, will miss them sooo much 😦 less people to play with! (mummy will miss the help! haha)

Mummy is writing a lil bit now, she has to write on her own blog and shes getting vvery sleepy.. we are dying to go in the new car but Uncle yap has to fix the seatbelts so our car seats can go in the back and we can all go for a RIDE! woohoo… its a BIG car….

baby kieran: goo goo.. hiccup (thats abt all he can do).

mor eon this tomorrow, yay, daddy is home!!!!! cos its Saturday!

later days

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