A note from mummy-J n J hv begun potty training… Josh has done it twice! and all on his own initiative and even done a wee on the big toilet! Wat a goooood boy.. Jamie is gng thru a difficult phase at the moment, Daddy has gone back to work and hes very very attached to his daddy right now and everything.. but theyve been wonderful wt baby brother and even help me out where they can. Next week they will be wt me all by meself.. theres the true test. Hopefully we can settle into a routine bfr we can go to school five days a week!

They hv on and off gne to sleep on their own but it wld take time I guess, ditto forpotty training etc etc… lets see how well I cope next week, ACK! LOL


We’ve gone to tesco wt grandma and grandpa! We love sitting in the trolleys! Baby kieran is very cute and eats and sleeps a lot and everything..but hes more awake and likes looking at us, we love kissing his head or his feet! Cant wait till he;s BIGGER so we can carry him. 🙂

Mummy very bz now but she will write on us when she can.

later days

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