Baby Kieran has finally joined the Goh Brothers 🙂 He’s very tiny and eats a lot and sleeps a lot but he’s very cute. We love to kiss his forehead and pat him gently or stroke his head. we are trying to be good ko-kos and not disturb him etc and its been very interesting watching him feed cos lil babies only have mummy’s milk and it’s quite funny. He makes the BEST faces and we try to follow him. mostly we talk tohim but mummy says he cant play wt us yet, “when he’s bigger!” is what we say! Josh is loving saying “Im a ko-ko now mummy!” (repeatedly LOL ).

Anyway, we’ve been good boys and going to bed by ourselves w.o anyone sitting in the room. We read our story, get our good nite kisses from all (grandma and grandpa been staying wt us) and we kiss baby kieran nite2 and off we go 🙂

Mummy says grandma is gng to help us with something called potty training.. that shld be interesting!

Ok, Baby kieran wants his mummy’s milk again so more on this later!

The New Ko-Kos!
Jamie and Josh
introducing Baby Kieran!

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One thought on “111461529761519430

  1. I am so glad that you and the baby are doing well, and that the boys are happy with their brother, but I am still tapping my foot waiting for the first photos !!! OK I will behave and wait some more … but but but I WANNNA SEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    Love you much and then some more


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