losing a lil bit more vs. the cold. Tightening stopped although the pressure movements of my kid hasnt.. I Give up. Im too tired, too moody, fighting this cold, grumpy.. whatever.. LOL

will see if can change doc appmnt to today.. since don is arnd, not sure if parents (or just dad) are coming tomorrow to help me take kids to school.. depends on their own timetable I guess… I know today they hv things to sort etc and dad got meeting or something…

oh well…. hes been a good boy for his grandparents so far… Sree’s still plugging for his bday on Thurs cos since the boys were born on his dad’s bday, may as well carry on with no:3 ROFL funnnnnnnny….. I just want him to come out …. beyond caring when….

blog more later mebbe… Lorraine is here now… don is working from home today, gone to get some groceries cos we are low and in case baby does blooming decide to come, we arent caught out…

later days


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