what a night..

Im really fighting off this cold, last night was a rough nite wt jamie
waking up so often, my pains stopped abt 5am and nothing really sigh..
D took day off work, sent j2 to school, j1 staying home today, he
BAWLEd when h e saw car go out of the drive, and when d came home, he
was so excited, saying I go to school now! tried to say that if he
takes all his cough meds, he can go to school with josh on Wed and
grandpa will be arnd! So he took his meds w.o a fight, Hes clinging to
his dad major league.. don is working at home today but when he has a
moment, gng to try and get jamie to lie down wt me, actually everyone
except josh had a good nights sleep..

Knowing kierans sense of drama, he prob wanna come when kids are throwing up,
its chucking it down wt rain etc, parents arent answering theirphone
and its pitch black... LOL LOL Was telling a friend yday If hes a
drama baby inside and is calm and lovely after born, I will forgive
him!!!!!! heehehhehehehem Least parents will be in tonight!

Jamie is watching the Car VCD with a thomas the tank engine book next to me and watching his fav bits.. poor dear.. he IS much better but we thought it best hes home today, for rest..

oh well.. we plod on...


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